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Travel Industry – An Outlook.

Travel & Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing service industry in India & across the globe. The direct contribution of travel and tourism to India’s GDP is 6.3% and expected to grow further in a outstanding way. Change in Indian Life style, where holidays are now moving from indulgence to habit. Redefining the new ways to serve customer better & to capture the growing business potential, we plan expansion of retail business through our business partners Franchisee – What’s special.

  • Attractive Business model with low capital investment and low risk.
  • is a platform to sell cheapest travel products and maximize your number of clients.
  • Exclusively retailing products and services through fully furnished retail outlet at prime location.
  • Continuous Monitoring of the performance for the location and deploy effective strategies to ensure healthy ROI to the partner.
  • Get latest information on tools & technology of industry to improve your business. 24x7 customer support services.
  • Full training to staff to deliver superior customer service all time.

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